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Benefits of Professional Appliance Installation

The Benefits of Professional Appliance Installation

You have done a great job with new doors and fixtures for your DIY kitchen renovation. The new floor is down and the appliances are ready for installation. Up to now, none of the work you have done comes under the aegis of any building codes. But, the dishwasher you are about to install has special plumbing requirements and the code says final hookups be done by a licensed plumber. The gas stove also requires a licensed professional. In fact using a professional appliance installation company makes sense, even for the most ardent DIY enthusiast. Here is why:

  1. Appliances installed by a professional technician will run at peak performance. The tech knows the performance potential of the appliance and the peculiar adjustments needed to squeeze out the best performance. All this without voiding the warranty!
  2. The work you put into the kitchen renovation has left terrific walls and great floors. Moving heavy and bulky appliances is a serious business. It is easy for novices to leave permanent scars, gouges, and marks on walls and floors. When a professional installs your appliances, your finishes stay pristine and you will not waste money on replacing the floor.
  3. If you do not move bulky and heavy appliances every day, chances are you are not familiar with the right way to carry out the task. Inexperienced people who move these items tend to hurt their backs. Worse, if an appliance slips there is good chance of a broken foot.
  4. Inexperienced installers find assembly and installation complicated and some aspects, such as gas and electric connections are dangerous. Often, there are regulations and codes to meet. Some may need a licensed professional to make the final connections.

Now is the time to call DoneRite Home Services. When our professional appliance technicians install your appliances, you are confident that the installation will last as long as the appliance. Our technicians make sure that the appliance is operating to specifications. We check and test all connections to make certain there are no leaks and that the install complies with all codes and regulations.

DoneRite will even take your old appliances and dispose of them. Another of our construction services is to haul the junk Tampa construction work and remodels create.

The peace of mind that professional installation service by DoneRite Home Services brings is affordable. Ruining your renovation, injuring yourself, or having your new appliances run erratically is a very high price for a non-professional job. Call us today at (813) 374-3938.