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Appliance Installation

Any Appliance, Anytime, Anywhere

DoneRite Install’s appliance installation service is very extensive, covering the whole home and just about every appliance installation need you can think of. Professional appliance installation service from DoneRite is the difference between thinking the job is done right and knowing the job is done right. People who attempt DIY home appliance installation are often disappointed to find out that the installation projects are never as easy or smooth as they appear on television. There are too many variables to consider, and each home installation job is unique. This is because each home is unique. These jobs are best carried out by a local appliance service, and DoneRite Install has the best appliance installers in Tampa ready to serve you and get the job done cleanly, smoothly, and safely.

  • DoneRite Install’s team is highly knowledgeable in the appliance installation of cooktops such as electric and gas stovetops and microwave ovens. DoneRite will perform cooktop installation with the utmost scrutiny and attention to detail, making sure that your appliances are installed with every safety precaution taken. We will see to it that all gas lines and electric lines are connected with the utmost diligence and will make sure that during the install, none of your cabinets and other kitchen wares are scraped or otherwise damaged. After this, our appliance installers will check and test the cooktop appliance(s) in order to make absolutely sure that the appliance not only works but is also safe for use anytime. Please be aware that wall-ovens do not have to conform to the same temperature standards that regular ovens must conform to and may therefore be a burn risk for small children. If you have or intend to have a wall oven installed, it is safer to place the oven higher in the wall than lower.


  • If you’re thinking about replacing your dishwasher, then you know that, from picking your new dishwasher to removing the old one to the new appliance installation, you have a big job ahead of you. Choosing a new dishwasher is usually exhausting enough for home owners wishing to replace their unit, and there are certain hazards associated with approaching this type of appliance installation without professional help. If you don’t have a firm grasp of plumbing, approaching dishwasher installation yourself could result in leaks when you begin to use it. Also, there are sometimes differences between the hardware in your old dishwasher and that of your new one, which means that there are different adapters, connection methods, and codes and regulations that must be adhered to. For all of these reasons, DoneRite’s dishwasher installation service gives you the peace of mind that only our dishwasher installers can give you and also save you time, money, and energy in the long run.


  • Getting a new garbage disposal is too difficult a task for somebody who does not have plumbing, electrical, and appliance installation experience. This is especially true if you are purchasing a new home or if you’re having a new sink installed and having your garbage disposal fitted with this sink for the first time.


  • A freezer is a fickle kitchen appliance installation job that requires great care not only because of the many variations of freezers out there but also because improperly functioning freezers can cause food to rot or become otherwise unsanitary. In order to avoid any kind of health issues that could result in food poisoning, it is safest to hire DoneRite’s kitchen appliance installation service.

At DoneRite Install, We Do It All

DoneRite does more than just appliance installation for your kitchen and bathroom. Our team of appliance installers is ready to install washers and dryers as well as perform maintenance on dryer vents, floor installation, countertop installation, professional painting, trash removal, and other maintenance and installation jobs related to our central practice of home and kitchen appliance installation.

  • Our appliance installation services extend to your washer and dryer as well. Washers and dryers are both home appliance installation jobs that must be executed carefully in order to ensure that dryer fires and flooding don’t occur. Washers should be installed by a local appliance service in order to make sure that a water shut-off point is easily accessible, which will be necessary to stop any potential floods that may occur in the future as the result of leaks. Appliance installation service is also needed for dryers, which must be installed with a clear path through the dryer vent in order to prevent future dryer fires.


  • In addition to our reliable application installation service, DoneRite Install is also able and ready to install countertops. Every countertop material available, from laminate to granite, can be installed by our professional installers. Our appliance installation servicemen will make sure that your countertops look crisp, clean,  and beautiful in your kitchen or bathroom. We will work with interior designers and with you to ensure that you get the service you want without delays or hang-ups.


  • DoneRite’s dryer vent cleaning service is a must-have from time to time, because it prevents the buildup of harmful lint inside of your dryer vent. This lint often builds up in the vent after moisture collects within the ventilation system and condenses, making it easy for the lint traveling up the vent air stream to become caught and then clump. Enlisting in DoneRite’s dryer vent cleaning service will not only save your household energy by freeing the flow of hot dryer air and reducing drying times, it could save your life.  There are thousands of dryer fires every year that are caused by a buildup of heat in the ventilation system. Have DoneRite Install’s professional servicemen come to your home, and we’ll make sure that you don’t have to become a dryer fire statistic.


  • Our appliance installation professionals at DoneRite Install are also extensively experienced in floor installation in any room of your home. Tile, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, or carpet can all be managed by our team with pristine execution and fast turnaround times. We will make sure that our flooring installation work is even, cleanly finished, and that there are no grout clumps or bumps in any new surface installed.


  • Our trash, garbage, and debris removal services will take care of the clutter and put your life back in order. Whether you have accumulated trash in the process of a major cleaning project (such as cleaning a garage or basement), built up debris from a construction project such as landscaping or heavy duty building, or if you have accumulated garbage from either an event such as a wedding or because you have been out of your home for an extended period of time and have missed the opportunity to throw away your trash, DoneRite Install is happy to come to you with our material transport vehicles and get rid of your junk so that you can get back to living your life comfortably.


  • The desire for new color comes out in a home owner every now and then, but not everybody has time to repaint their home. Sometimes the walls in a home can be very high, and this can make painting dangerous for home owners not experienced with standing on ladders for long periods of time. Overall, painting requires a lot of time and labor that home owners might not have or might not be physically capable of, and that’s why you should let DoneRite Install be your solution for all painting and repainting of your home’s interior and exterior. We’ll find the right colors for you and even discuss patterns and textures that you may prefer to give your home the look you want and the one it deserves.

Reasons to use our reliable appliance installation services

The DIY movement has created as many problems for home owners as it has solutions. Just as it is in complex cooking, it may seem easy to accomplish a DIY home installation task after seeing it performed smoothly on the television. It gives the idea that all projects are the same and require the same fundamental skills to accomplish them, but this is misleading. People need professional installation services for a myriad of reasons. Professional help is cleaner and much more pristine looking. The money that people think they are saving by refusing to use professional appliance installation services actually ends up not being saved at all. By doing a poor or amateurish job of installing an appliance, countertop, floor, or any other unit in your home, you decrease your home’s value by turning a potential triumph into an eyesore. With DoneRite Install’s professional help, your installation and renovation projects will look as good as you imagine them, so you won’t have to settle for installation work that is full of errors both big and small in size. We will make sure that the job is beautifully executed and that your home is left looking just as you’ve always pictured it.

  • Official contracts between you and DoneRite’s local appliance service do more to ensure the fast and thorough completion of appliance installation in your home than any other service or contract. Our contracts not only ensure completion of the job, they also cover you using DoneRite’s protection in the case of accidents. It is better for all that you not be liable in the event of an accident that could harm a person or a part of your home. DoneRite’s home appliance installation contracts are also a way to make sure that you understand what you’re  paying for and that you receive the services requested without any hidden fees or sudden increase in price.


  • You can’t say enough about reliable appliance installation advice. Even after you’ve found the countertops, kitchen appliances, or flooring that you’ve always dreamed of having in your home, it is necessary to seek the advice of a home and kitchen appliance installation professional in order to ensure that the appliance will fit within the space it is given, is electrically compatible with the section of your home in which it is being installed, and that the structure of the area in which it is being installed can properly hold the appliance without breaking down or damaging other parts of your home. These are important factors to consider that home owners may not always be aware of, and this is when DoneRite’s home and kitchen appliance installers will be there to help make sure that you’re making the right decision for the right reason.


  • A solid collection of previous work from your appliance installation specialists means a history of happy clients to support that work. Professional home appliance installation services from DoneRite can be reviewed by all of our customers, and the results are consistently glowing. DoneRite Install is regularly praised by our clients for our remarkable honesty and service. In addition to reflecting the quality of our service, our ever-growing completed project collection also shows our experience in a highly diverse array of situations, home styles, environmental conditions, budgets, and equipment types. It’s important to know that the professionals undertaking your home and kitchen appliance installation have the experience and track-record to prepare them for anything.


So, now you know more about home and kitchen appliance installation services than ever before. You can see how important it is to seek professional help when installing appliances in your home. Contact us about your next appliance installation project. It only takes one call or email to DoneRite Install to see why we are the preferred installation professionals in the Greater Tampa Bay area.