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Carpet Cleaning

The Cleanest Carpets, the Best Service

Carpets are a major investment in your home, and the time, energy, and money spent choosing and installing a carpet make it worthwhile to take care of your carpet and hire a professional carpet cleaning service. DoneRite Install offers the best carpet cleaning service in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. Our professional and cheap carpet cleaning service offers you and your carpet or rug a level of quality that you won’t find in do-it-yourself carpet shampooers. This is because our specialists understand the complexity and specific needs of various carpet materials and know which treatments to use to get the best results, the cleanest fibers, and the softest surfaces. All of DoneRite’s carpet cleaners are trained in residential carpet cleaning services and will ensure that your carpet stays beautiful and comfortable. Our techniques range from emergency carpet cleaning services such as water damage repair to dry carpet cleaning for sensitive carpets and hand-woven rugs. For cleaner, softer, healthier carpets and rugs, DoneRite Install has the best carpet cleaning service at affordable prices.

The three best reasons to hire a professional carpet cleaning service

  • Your carpet looks better and feels softer
  • Clean carpets prevent the spreading of germs, dust, fungi, and allergens
  • Carpet cleaning service makes your carpet last longer

Cheap carpet cleaning services offered by DoneRite Install

  • Hot water extraction for tough stains and emergency carpet cleaning services
  • Both business and residential carpet cleaning service
  • Specialized treatments made to match your carpet or rug
  • Dry carpet cleaning services for sensitive rugs (great for Chinese and Persian rugs)
  • Water damage restoration

Dry carpet cleaning service for sensitive materials

If you have a hand-woven rug such as a Persian or Chinese rug or have a fragile carpet, dry carpet cleaning services are the way to go to get your carpet or rug clean without harming the fibers. Regular moisture-intensive carpet cleaning services damage hand-woven and sensitive materials and may even warp them permanently. DoneRite Install’s specialists use special biodegradable compounds and intense brushing technique to lift stains from fibers and sanitize your carpet or rug.

Emergency carpet cleaning services restore water damaged carpets

DoneRite’s professional carpet cleaning service extends beyond just cleaning your carpet. We also offer restoration services for water damaged carpet. Heavy water damage from flooding is a very serious issue in carpets and can not only permanently damage your carpet but also lead to health and sanitation issues throughout your home. This is because large amounts of water absorbed by the porous fibers in carpets and rugs become trapped inside of the material. The result is that this moisture in the carpet becomes a breeding ground for germs, dust, fungi, and allergens. Even worse than water damage is any damage occurring from sewage and waste, which are then absorbed by carpets and can spread very dangerous and contagious disease throughout the home. With DoneRite’s emergency carpet cleaning services, you know that not only is your carpet going to look and feel as beautiful as it once did, but it will also be thoroughly sanitized and pose no threat to your health. With DoneRite’s emergency carpet cleaning services, your water damaged carpet will look like new.