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You spent a great deal of time deciding exactly what new cooking range to buy. It needs to be installed and that is a topic that is still up for discussion. The range is gas, and it is massive. But, you have a large family and they always help. On the other hand, a top-class cooking range is a precision appliance. With all the thought you have put into buying it, it makes sense to spend the extra money and have DoneRite Home Services in Tampa professionally install it for you.

Local Appliance Service Tampa

Best Performance

A DoneRite professional installation makes your new gas range perform perfectly to specifications. Every make and model of cooking range has its own installation eccentricities, which your DoneRite Home Services technician knows all about.

A cooking range that is not installed perfectly level can lead to failed recipes, and you may never find out what went wrong. DoneRite guarantees its work for local appliance service Tampa, which includes a level installation. If you opt for a DIY installation, you risk damaging delicate parts that could void your warranty or create a need for future repairs.

Neat and Tidy Installation

When DoneRite Home Services contracts to install your new range, we move the unit across the floor without scratching the floors, wall, or damaging existing fixtures. We treat your property with great care and respect. As hard as you may try, a DIY install may result in a DIY paint job, floor finishing, or other repair you were not counting, costing more than you intended to spend.

Weekend Warriors Suffer Injuries

If you have ever been to an emergency room on the weekend, then you have seen a number of DIY enthusiasts in various states of distress and injury due to a pulled back, banged-up limb, and other injuries from lifting and moving heavy objects without the right equipment or knowledge.

Injuries like these can cost you time away from work. Certainly an expense you were not counting on. An installed gas stove also needs to have a plumber sign off the job many times, so the savings of doing it yourself are not as great as you may first think.

To have the peace of mind that your new appliance is installed correctly and will work properly for many years, call DoneRite Home Services, the local appliance service Tampa that you can count on for reliable installations of all your appliances.